A New Year

Ah Spring, Brighid has ignited the land and my mind with renewed vigour and inspiration! Feeling positively poetic. Seeing so much change around me and being a part of it is so encouraging, seeing friends take hold of life with both hands and finally giving in to singing their own song. The birds sing, and I sing!

I’ll be picking up the pen again. I’m getting involved in so many exciting projects. And I’m triumphantly Dearg le Fearg for Gaeilge and Gàidhlig! I went for a run today in the Harbour, I’ll be going back to yoga; my knee is finally feeling normal again! Once my new kitchen is sorted, I’ll be back to baking and cooking new recipes. On Saturday I’ll be walking up Beinn Dòbhrain! It’s fitting to be living in a harbour when I’ve begun to set out on a new and exciting voyage.

It’s been over two years now that I’ve been living in Glasgow, and now I finally feel like I’ve “arrived”. I’m finally getting to do what I came here to do. I’m the Youth and Community Officer for Gàidhlig in Glasgow. My dream job!

Things that I loved in childhood have come back to find me again, and point me in the right direction of my true self. Have you ever pondered on what your younger self would think of you if they met you now? It’s a great way of keeping on track and keeping true to your gut.

So, I’m going to fearlessly express myself like I used to. No longer will I be gagged by self-consciousness, other people’s impressions and tiredness from the daily slog of adulthood.

And I’ll write in whatever language I’m in the mood for.

The look of this blog is hard to keep up. I’m going back to basics. Minimalism is so freeing.


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