Autumnal Nature Pass

Ah! That familiar feeling that fills your heart with love, when you breathe deeply into your lungs the cool air of autumn! Instinct kicks in, and I feel the urge to write, create, ponder!

Cycling to work gives you a lease of life on a Monday morning that you just wouldn’t get if you squeezed into a sweaty-aired train or in your car-bubble. The coolness of the air eases headaches and lethargy, the songs of robins and blue tits lift your heart, the rowan seduces your eyes with her shining red berries! The leaves seem to emit a certain feeling, and you crave to be under their grace. I had been taking notice of the change in the light recently — the sunlight has more of a beauty about it, maybe because the light is waning? The light is precious, like the few last quick kisses before a parting. The grass was pale that morning, with dew from the morning fog. Crows sat upright expectantly on lamp-posts.

I cycled to Kelvingrove park during my morning break, hastily parked up and took a walk in my favourite part nearer the University. This part does be quieter, with plenty of trees of varying species, and the Kelvingrove river at first rushing and then sauntering by. I looked up at a twisted tree trunk, which was shimmering in the sun’s light reflecting upwards by the river water. The hawthorns at this end of the path had deep red berries on them, and a young blue tit jumping from limb to limb, doing acrobatics, while nibbling at the branches. The water tinkled a comforting sound along with the bird’s encouraging chirps to himself.

A dog came along to excitedly explore the wee embankment of the river, squeezing himself under the railings to where he wanted to go. The dog didn’t like the path so much, it looked like he loved the feeling of the grass and woodland floor under his paws, already-fallen leaves leaping up in the air as the excited paws tossed them. Tail wagging, the dog sniffed everything in sight, the healthy, green, mucky smells must have been like a bouquet to him!

Though my time amongst nature was short, I felt so refreshed having ditched the tea and yoghurt for a ramble instead. As I cycled back to work, an idea occurred to me — what if every employer had a “nature pass” policy for the well-being of their employees? I’m lucky that I can use my break to go to the park, as I’m very close to it. Imagine if an employee was feeling stressed, lethargic, or hitting a wall, and they needed time out. If employers gave out “nature passes” on request, it would give people the chance to find rejuvenation in nature, which would make them more productive once they returned to work. Businesses might snort at the idea, and think of the time as wasted. But I can say for sure that I was definitely more productive in work after my wee break in nature!